urbanmates on Tour

Experience-Tour in Vienna

In February, we spent a couple of days in Vienna to, as we call it, test sell our kick scooter. We placed our design mock-up in several cool stores where we suspected our potential target group. With our presence at the vibrant train station Westbahnhof, the 25hours Hotel, a sneaker store called Sneak-in, the barber shop Franz and Gloria and the unique bicycle café Radlager Palazzo we made sure to meet different customer groups and the young „Urban Natives“.
75 customer interviews later and with a lot of new learnings (e.g. a new discovered target group or the acceptance of our current price point) we were happy about the positive feedback on our design and the product itself. The learnings of Vienna were highly valuable for us. Seeing so many people who just loved our product encourages us to continue with what we do. Soon, we will proudly present our Experience-Tour Aftermovie to you!


Unser erstes Produkt!

Bald bringen wir unser erstes Produkt an den Start!

Der leichteste elektrische Kickscooter designed für Urban Natives. Werft einen Blick auf unsere Facebookseite. Was kann der Scooter? Wie sieht er aus? Und wann ist er erhältlich? Registriert euch einfach unserer Website, um mehr zu erfahren.

Neelo von urbanmates. Der leichteste elektrische Kickscooter

Der Scooter von urbanmates. Der leichteste elektrische Kickscooter.